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What You Need To Know Before You Buy Double Glazing Windows

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So you’re thinking about replacement windows?

Top tips

  • PVCu is the low maintenance option
  • Look for extra security features including special locks
  • Inferior products can reduce the value of your property

PVCu Bay window

PVCu Bay window and flat window - with diamond leads.

There are many reasons for changing your windows and/or doors and, unless you get it drastically wrong – either by choosing a style that is unsympathetic to your home or by doing it ‘on the cheap’ and ending up with an inferior product – you will improve the look and increase the value of your property.

Existing windows and doors need repair
When old, timber-framed windows are suffering from rot it is often more-cost-effective in the long run to replace them rather than paying out for regular patching, filling and re-painting.

To improve the appearance of your home
Replacing shabby, old-fashioned windows and doors with new styles and shapes will significantly change and improve the look of your home and give it ‘kerb appeal’.

To improve security
Burglary is on the increase and doors and windows are a common entry point. Many PVCu window systems incorporate extra security features including special locks to protect your home.

For better protection from the elements
If your curtains flutter in the breeze, you get a chill from window draughts or rain leaks in around your windows it not only detracts from your comfort but also leaves the fabric of your home open to weather damage.

To reduce noise pollution
If you live on a busy road where traffic noise is an irritation, the installation of double-glazed windows will significantly decrease the amount of noise transmitted through your windows.

For increased energy efficiency
The latest double-glazed windows offer much better insulation than conventional single- glazed windows. This helps to retain heat so you can turn down the heating a degree or two and save on fuel bills without compromising your comfort.



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