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What You Need To Know Before You Buy a Conservatory

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Zero Stress Guide for ConservatoriesHow to use this Zero Stress Guide for Conservatories

Planning is the key to success in any undertaking and it is particularly important in a major project such as adding a conservatory to your home – a serious investment, by any standards, that will add significant value to your property. Yet it is all too easy to be swept along on a tide of excitement and enthusiasm which can result in taking hasty decisions that are best made after very careful consideration.

So whether you are buying in your conservatory, lock, stock and barrel, or aiming to build it yourself, the reality is that the time you spend in researching and planning will pay dividends in the smooth running of the project.

That is why we believe you will find this book a really useful reference to guide you through the maze of decision-making with which you will be faced – from initial design and construction right through to the selection of accessories. You’ll learn about the choices to be made and what to take into consideration before you make them. We warn you about the pitfalls to avoid. We point you to websites that will provide more detail on particular aspects of the project in which you are especially interested. In short, we invite you to benefit from our practical experience and make the whole experience as straightforward as possible.

Of course, no project is 100% stress-free but if you follow our advice you’ll come as close to it as humanly possible.

Furthermore, get it right and you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of your conservatory for many years to come.

10 Things You Need to Know before You Buy a Conservatory

  • Planning permission isn’t always necessary – but check for yourself rather than relying on the conservatory supplier to take care of it for you
  • Most conservatories are exempt from building regulations provided they meet certain criteria
  • Think carefully about the shape and style you want, choosing a design that will enhance your home rather than devalue it
  • Matching the construction materials and colour with those used for your home will ensure the conservatory blends in with the existing building
  • Most conservatory companies quote for the external area of the extension – make sure you calculate the required internal floor size when ordering
  • It’s a false economy to go for the cheapest supplier – get at least three quotations and buy the best conservatory you can afford
  • It makes sense to have a small contingency for unexpected problems that might surface once construction starts
  • It is prudent to view some installations done by your proposed conservatory supplier and talk to customers about the quality of construction and service of their conservatories
  • Money spent on roof, window and insulation upgrades at the outset will be saved later on accessories to keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Buy from a conservatory specialist rather than a DIY store if you are planning to ‘do it yourself’ – the former can give you invaluable advice on glazing and roofing options and you might need his help when things don't go according to plan



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