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Conservatory Roofing systems

Top tips

  • Avoid roofs made of PVCu only*
  • Scrutinise the guarantee
  • Pay particular attention to roof vents

One ridge design

One ridge design with variable pitch from 5° to 40°

Variable pitch wall plate

Variable pitch wall plate

Slim sightlines to glazing bars

Slim sightlines to glazing bars and ridge beam enhancing aesthetics

Variable aluminium box

Variable aluminium box eaves beam (5° to 40°). Integral clip in ogee gutter system

Image Credit: Quantal Conservatory Roof Systems

The roof is acknowledged to be one of the most important parts of conservatory construction so it is helpful for you to know something about the different roofing systems so that you can ask appropriate questions of your supplier.

Firstly, establish what the roof made from – it might be aluminium, steel, timber or PVCu – and whether it will be able to accommodate 25mm / 35m polycarbonate and glass roofs. Aluminium, thermally clad in PVCu, is the most popular choice.

A purpose-built roofing system is a ‘must’ and for this reason roofs made entirely from standard PVCu window frame extrusion – even if they are fully reinforced – are not recommended. They are not as strong and impenetrable as roofs made from other materials.

You should specify a roof system that is thermally clad or thermally broken to provide better insulation and reduce the risk of condensation.

Find out whether there is a range of guttering and rainwater goods to complement the roof and, if you have a tricky site, if there are appropriate purpose-made roofing components.

In practice, many conservatory suppliers use very similar roofing systems so the choice often boils down to the quality of a supplier’s installation, its warranties and after-sales service. There is little point in having a first-class roof if it is badly fitted.

Make sure that the guarantee on the roof is for the same length of time as the rest of the framing and check that the guarantee specifically mentions this.

Ask some probing questions, too, about any vents being installed in your conservatory roof. Ensure that they comply with British Standards, check whether there is the option of manual and electric opening as well as thermostat and rain sensor control units. Finally check the guarantee.

Avoid roofs made of PVCu only* - Very few conservatory roofs, even those on PVCu Framed Conservatories, use a “PVCu Only” roof. Many PVCu conservatories use aluminium roof members, clad in PVCu.



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