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Conservatory Price Guide

Top tips

  • Buy the very best conservatory you can afford
  • Get at least three quotations
  • Always compare ‘like with like’ down to the smallest specification

It is impossible here, due to the number of variables in specifications, to give anything other than a rough guide to pricing calculations.

Price variations, especially for bespoke designs, can be considerable. As a rough indication, for example, hardwood conservatories can cost 30-50% more than PVCu for made-to-measure designs.

Shown below are example prices for various conservatories. The prices relate to PVCu only; they cover supply and fit, include VAT and assume a straightforward site that is flat and easily accessible.

To help with price comparisons – and because of the many different requirements – the varying specifications have been split into three categories:


This assumes a reasonable quality PVCu frame extrusion plus standard double-glazing and 16mm polycarbonate in the roof.


This assumes a top-quality PVCu frame fitted with superior locking and security features, Pilkington K (Low E) double-glazing and 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate in the roof.


This assumes a top-quality PVCu frame fitted with superior locking and security features, Pilkington K (Low E) double glazing in both side frames and roof. The frames may also be fully reinforced and/or connected by structural mullions. Equal site line may also be an option with this specification along with perhaps some sort of Solar Control Glass such as Celsius Performance Glass or ‘anti sun’ glass.

Victorian style conservatory

Example - Victorian style conservatory - 3.6 m x 3.35 m (approx 12 ft x 11ft)

Bronze specification - £7500 - £9000
Silver specification - £9000 - £12000
Gold specification - £13000 - £17000


L Shaped Edwardian Conservatory

Example - L Shaped Edwardian Conservatory - 7.5 m x 4.5 m (approx 24 ft x 15ft)

Bronze specification - £15500 - £19000
Silver specification - £19000 - £22500
Gold specification - £25000 - £35000

It is very important when comparing prices – and always get at least three quotations – to compare ‘like with like’. Make sure every detail of the specification is identical on each quotation. And whether you are shopping at the budget or luxury end of the market you should always buy the very best conservatory you can afford.

It is not unusual for prices from suppliers for similar-sized conservatories to vary by several thousand pounds and this underlines the importance of comparing ‘like with like’. As well as differences in the specifications, service standards may also impact on cost. Long-established suppliers with extensive showrooms, sound warranties, dedicated service engineers and customer help-lines will have higher operating costs than the one-man outfit working from home with just a mobile phone.

Do bear in mind the other factors that can affect the overall cost of the project. These include:

Site – if it is not flat and easy to work on then additional building work will almost certainly be required and the cost could be substantial
Accessibility – if the builders are unable to get to the site without going through the house this, too, could push the price up
Parking – it’s not just easy access for the builders; if there is no room for a skip outside the house any soil removed will have to be taken away daily, adding to the cost
Drains – building regulation approval will be required if drains or manholes have to be moved
Electricity/plumbing – costs will rise if provision needs to be made for these services

When assessing your budget, remember to allow a small contingency of around 10% for any unexpected extras or additions that may be needed. These could include changes you decide to make after you place your order, which might add to the cost. In addition, preparation of the site can sometimes throw up unforeseen problems that have cost implications.



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